Boycott and protest against political repression celebrated in British parliament

The Ethno centric brutal regime in Ethiopia which sends mercenaries to Libya, rules its people with an iron fist, and unable to feed its people is throwing a dinner party in the house of parliament in the name of celebrating Ethiopian culture.

This event is sponsored by Mr. Laurence Robertson MP for Tewkesbury, who has close ties with the tyrant of Ethiopia and known for claiming the highest amount of parliamentary exposes in 2009.shame!

Ethiopians have similar aspirations of dignity, freedom and democracy like Tunisians, Egyptians and Libyans.The Fightof the british people and the British parliament to defend and promote democracy  will count for nothing if you wine and dine on an occasion organized by repressive regime of Meles ZenawiIt will not be long before Ethiopians rise up to over through this vicious regime.

Boycott the so called cultural dinner organized by a repressive regime that tortures and commits heinous crimes against its people the British parliament should stand with the Ethiopian people denied of their  basic right and dignity rather than the Ethiopian tyrant

Now is the time to say no to those who deny their citizens dignity human rights and freedom. The era of supporting dictators is over (David Cameron PM)

Turn up the protest march at old palace yard, next to parliament squere on Tuesday 8th march 2011

16:00-20:00 p.m

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