Wey’ane keeps on giving us assignments. Assignments that will help the regime keep on going smoothly. Historically, in the past they tried to deploy many strategies in order to prolong their age. It has been 20 years since we begin facing the worst dictatorial regime in Africa.so far the people of Ethiopia entertain these tactics of disintegrations and tribal conflicts that led to “interhamoy” . We the people of Ethiopia will remember them forever, and this is the perfect time to give veneration for those we lost them in the streets of every major towns of Ethiopia in fighting the despots. And to take their place

As we know it, After the successive  major movements of North African countries against the rotten and corrupted systems, the fear for uprising increases in almost all despoiled and unjust African nation governments. The next riot, most likely is expected to erupt in Ethiopia.

There are some indicators already exhibited. Last week, the message from an unknown source was circulated as SMS by using mobiles phones in Addis Ababa. It reads In Amharic “BEKA” Which means, “ENOUGH!”. The Ethiopian government currently is aware of the impacts of this message and tries to respond for it by arresting some business personnel .

The first major the government took was  blocking information not to be communicated in the country, by doing  silly things like jamming internet and radio, cutting the transmit ions of major TV stations like Al Jazeera ( which covers live, of every development from the front line ) and ESAT TV (Ethiopian people’s private TV. ESAT also discloses the news and tries to create awareness about the happenings in TUNISIA , EGYPT LIBYA  AND..)

The second strategy Meles put into effect is, using his youth leagues.(THIS LEAGUE IS  CONSTITUTED only devotees of the EPRDF party. The league is currently working an undercover work on the society. Following this, the regime proposed trickery which may subject the youth to the government. Any youth who wish to have a shop can buy a shareholding of 400 ETB. This is a very cheap amount in today’s inflation of the country’s economy. The objective is clear. From the experience, whenever some strong opposition and fear like this happens the wey’anes respond in such a way.  I am sure Meles becomes worried and restless .he sometimes plays a kids game like this. He tries to have support of the youth by giving a temporary solutions.

Way’anes never learns from their mistakes. They are not even ready to listen the problems of the people. When on earth, people try to ask for their right; they like to give answers in hostile ways. The security forces have committed crimes against humanity and Genocide. One of the birged called by name “ THE AGAZY” Is  specially trained like a dog, members of this Bergid  treat their own people as animals. They commit murders in different parts of the country In different times some of them are: Ethiopian military has committed widespread murder, rape and torture against the Anuak ,Gambella

since December 2003, the Ogaden region  and in Addis Ababa and   major towns of the country during  2005 election.

Currently, Meles tries to practice the Old fashioned way. They want to drag the peoples mind in to something by creating a religious chaos. According to International Christian Concern /ICC /report, in the past two days, thousands of Muslims have razed five churches and the homes of two evangelists in Asendabo town, Ethiopia. Christian leaders are now asking for protection after the Muslim attackers continued burning churches The regime have been heard saying, “Because in the past all systems of government supports the Christians, now EPRDF stands for the Muslims.”  This saying doesn’t mean that Meles stands for the Muslim rather he is the enemy of the Muslim. There was no big religious war exhibited in Ethiopia before the weyanes. He only wants to put unrest with in the society.

The Muslim people of Ethiopia should be aware of this false pretext and should immediately stop the killing of his brothers and sisters. Reasonably, it’s the time to continue the struggle to chase out wey’anes ones and for all from Ethiopia.




  1. We are under oppression for long time we need take steps. Its now or never. Meles is a bug to our nation even for Africa.

    1. Thank you Mr. Abdela. The regime is rotten and the corrupted system is fragile . now a days they are in unrest
      we should follow our brothers and sisters in North africa to over throw Meles zenawi.

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