Ethiopian troops form new military bases in parts of of central Somalia

Soldier of Ethiopian National Defense Force, 2006.

DHUUSA-MAREEB – More Ethiopian troops accompanied with more armed vehicles have reached at Dhusomareb and Griel towns in central Somalia on Saturday after noon and made new military bases on more different positions in the town.

Officials of Ahlu Sunna Waljama’a clerics confirmed that the Ethiopian troops were from the sides of Balanbal town of the same region and divided into the two sides of Dusomareb, the centre of Galgudud region adding that the troops made their first military position at the 21 military camp in the town.

The grounds of the Ethiopian troops entrance to the region is unclear, but some of the Islamist clerics of Ahlu Sunna Walajama’a who declined to comment more said that they could not discuss the reasons of the Ethiopian troops’ arrival to the media.

On the other hand more than 8000 fighters of Ahlu Sunna and trained in Ethiopia got their weapons from the military dress on Saturday. Ahlu Sunna officials said that the trained forces would start big offensive against Al-shabab earlier.

How ever the number of the Ethiopian soldiers and their vehicles is unclear, but the troops seem to be part of more Ethiopian troops entering to more regions in south and central Somalia recently for plans to support the transitional government of Somalia.

Hassan Osman is based in Mogadishu, Banaadir, Somalia, and is Anchor for Allvoices


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