Ethiopia erects her flag in Somalia

Blank map of Somalia showing the regions (numb...

Mogadishu(Mareeg)-Insurgent group of Al-shabab told that neighboring country of Ethiopian soldiers have entered into some Somali regions and erected their flag in those areas and called for fresh fighting they had with Ethiopia, reports said. Shabab’s spokesman, Sheikh Ali Dhere said that Ethiopians got into some Somali regions like Gal-gudud, Hiiraan and Gedo and told they had erected their flag inside Dhusa-mareb town of Galgudud, region central Somalia.

“We know Ethiopia and it will not be in an inch of our ground,” Sheikh Ali Dhere said, Shabab’s spokesman.

Ali Dhere added that they are using tactics in 2006 in which they ousted Islamist courts union, but threatened that they force Ethiopia to quit from Somali and called his fighters to be prepared for that war.

Shabab loses many of its control areas in the south and it’s not known whether they are on verge of destruction as it faced heavy wars in four regions: Gedo, Mogadishu, Hiiraan and Galgudud including the propaganda against it and increasing hatred of Somali people in every where.


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