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March 17, 2011

Fresh Somali clashes leave 25 dead


Somali government troops clash with al-Shabab fighters in Mogadishu (file photo).
Heavy clashes between Somali government troops backed by African Union forces and al-Shabab fighters have resulted in the death of 25 people in Mogadishu. Continue reading “Fresh Somali clashes leave 25 dead”

Ethiopia minister says ready to send troops into Somalia if Asked

Ethiopian army T-55 tank near Mogadishu
Pic of Ethiopian Army near


By: Abdalle Ahmed,Mogadishu (RBC) Ethiopia’s State minister for foreign affairs Berhan Jipkirist dismissed claims about Ethiopian forces fighting inside Somalia alongside with the transitional federal government forces of Somalia. Continue reading “Ethiopia minister says ready to send troops into Somalia if Asked”

Japan Admits Nuclear Problem Is ‘Severe’

A spokesman for the tsunami-hit Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan has admitted the situation is now considered to be “severe”.


“This is a severe incident that is occurring right now,” the spokesman said at a Thursday evening news conference.

“We have vented and used seawater as cooling, followed the accident management plan but this is a very severe operation.” Continue reading “Japan Admits Nuclear Problem Is ‘Severe’”

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