Ethiopia minister says ready to send troops into Somalia if Asked

Ethiopian army T-55 tank near Mogadishu
Pic of Ethiopian Army near


By: Abdalle Ahmed,Mogadishu (RBC) Ethiopia’s State minister for foreign affairs Berhan Jipkirist dismissed claims about Ethiopian forces fighting inside Somalia alongside with the transitional federal government forces of Somalia.

The minister interviewed by Almasri Al-Yom newspaper has denied that any of Ethiopian forces entered into the Somali border and took fighting against Al Shabab rebel group.

“The Ethiopian Government and the Intergovernmental Authority for Development «IGAD» support the people of Somalia and their government’s legitimacy” he said.

When asked the Ethiopia’s State minister for foreign affairs if Ethiopia willing to send troops into Somalia since it withdrew 2009 he answered “Ethiopia could answer if IGAD or TFG asks urgent support f military”.

He also noted that the strength of Al Shabab rebel group had been weakened, and that people living in areas under the control of Al Shabab started moving to areas currently under the control of the Somali federal government.

Local residents in Gedo and Hiiran regions of Somalia recently said they saw Ethiopian forces entering into towns for support of TFG and allied Ahlu Suna forces battling against Al Shabab which still runs great swathes of the country.

Ethiopia sent its troops into Somalia late 2006 to oust union of Islamic courts which briefly ruled the country after TFG asked to come into its support against the Islamist group. But it plunged into two years of fierce fighting in Mogadishu streets causing thousands of death and millions displaced.


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