Study ranks Ethiopia as third most influential country in determining Africa’s destiny

    • Published: Mar 27, 2011 by TIgist Taddese Haile Ethiopian News
      Ethiopia will be the third largest continental power in determining Africa’s
      economic and political destiny, a study forecast.The survey, published on
      Thursday, March 23 is titled “African futures 2050” and was conducted by
      Institute for Security Studies (ISS), an organization based in South Africa that
      works on “a spectrum of human security issues from environmental security to
      population movement, to terrorism to post conflict reconstruction,” according to
      the institute website. The study placed Nigeria and South Africa as the first
      and second African powers that will be most influential in the continent
      respectively, while Egypt took fourth place preceded by Ethiopia.
      Mainly conducted by Dr. Jakkie Cilliers, ISS Executive Director, the study
      further asserts that African influence will keep ballooning in the global arena
      as well. An estimate also avers that Africa will secure close to 110 trillion
      dollars in yearly revenues in the year 2030 through growth patterns similar to
      Indian trends. Moreover, it is contended in the survey that the continent will
      not see the influential dominance of one nation. The four countries, however,
      will have comparable authority in continental issues, as indicated by the
      yardsticks employed in gauging these trends and arriving at these projections.

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