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April 2011

Ethiopian economy hurt by nearby political unrest

Political unrest in the Middle East and North Africa has resulted in a decline in livestock exports from Ethiopia, the United Nations said Thursday, causing the struggling country’s income to fall even more when its people are facing hunger. Continue reading “Ethiopian economy hurt by nearby political unrest”


Sudan deports 70 Ethiopian illegal immigrants

By Tesfa-Alem Tekle \sudan tribune

April 26, 2011 (ADDIS ABABA) – Sudan has deported some 70 Ethiopian illegal immigrants to their home country, according to Ethiopian ministry of foreign affairs.

The illegal immigrants who have been in detention were returned home this week with the help of Ethiopian embassy in Khartoum. The Immigrants have arrived home in land transport via Metema town near the borders to Sudan. Continue reading “Sudan deports 70 Ethiopian illegal immigrants”

Four Ethiopian Muslims Beat Evangelist to Death, Assault His Pregnant Wife

Washington — International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that on April 21 four Muslims beat an evangelist to death and assaulted his pregnant wife in Worabe, Ethiopia, an area that is 97% Muslim.

The Muslims lured Evangelist Abraham Abera from Kale Hiwot Church, his home and place of ministry, at 9:30 p.m. They told him that his friend was sick and needed his immediate attention. Abraham left with the men; they turned on him and began to beat him with rods. The minister’s wife, Birtukan, saw the men attack her husband and ran to intervene, but the Muslims beat her as well. Continue reading “Four Ethiopian Muslims Beat Evangelist to Death, Assault His Pregnant Wife”

Beka to Repression and Tyranny: The Ethiopian People Demand Change

 BY Nuradin Jilani : OGADEN ONLINE

The recently released of US Department of State Human Rights report on Ethiopia makes for a depressive reading. Page after page, the authors of the report accuse the Ethiopian government of engaging in horrible human rights abuses which include arbitrary arrests, torture, rape, extrajudicial killings, and a host of other crimes. In Ogaden, the situation is much worse: the Ethiopian regime is accused of committing there what amounts to war crimes and crimes against humanity in its collective punishment campaign against the civilian population of the region. Though mostly written in a moderate tone, the contents of the Report are somewhat similar to those released about the repressive regimes of North Korea and Burma – two states, which unlike Ethiopia; the US is not in good terms with. Continue reading “Beka to Repression and Tyranny: The Ethiopian People Demand Change”

Ethiopia: ESAT’s Open letter to U.S. State Department

Ethiopia: ESAT’s Open letter to U.S. State Department

Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor

ESAT is the voice of freedom loving Ethiopians

April 26th 2011

In her remark at the release of the US State Department 35th Annual Report to Congress on the State of Human Rights around the World, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, said: “The struggle for human rights begins by telling the truth over and over again.” Continue reading “Ethiopia: ESAT’s Open letter to U.S. State Department”

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