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April 6, 2011

Mass Arrests of More Than 200 Ethnic Oromo Appear Politically Motivated

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Mass Arrests of More Than 200 Ethnic Oromo Appear Politically Motivated*

(London, April 6, 2011) – The Government of Ethiopia should immediately
release members of the ethnic Oromo political opposition detained without
charge after mass arrests, Human Rights Watch said today. Continue reading “Mass Arrests of More Than 200 Ethnic Oromo Appear Politically Motivated”


Alleged rape victim in Libya tells mother of ordeal, threat


By the CNN Wire Staff
  • “AC360” reunites Eman al-Obeidy with her mother
  • Young woman says court employee threatened her
  • Her mother tells her to keep her faith
  • Al-Obeidy says she has tried to leave Libya, but authorities have thwarted her attempts

(CNN) — Eman al-Obeidy, the woman who claims forces loyal to Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi raped her, spoke Tuesday with her mother, who has come to her defense, for the first time since her ordeal began. Continue reading “Alleged rape victim in Libya tells mother of ordeal, threat”

49 immigrants saved, 20 bodies recovered, many still missing

Malta Rescue Centre was in contact with boat two hours before incidentFile picture - migrants' boats are often overcrowded and can capsize in rough seas. (AFP picture).

The position of the boat relative to Lampedusa and Malta.

Updated – A total of 49 immigrants have been rescued and 20 bodies have been recovered so far in the Central Mediterranean as the search goes on for migrants missing after their boat, carrying 200 people capsized off Lampedusa. Continue reading “49 immigrants saved, 20 bodies recovered, many still missing”

Yemen unrest: Three die in Sanaa clashes

Injured Yemeni protester is carried in Sanaa (5 April 2011)

CNN:Protesters continue to take to the streets despite the use of deadly force .Fresh fighting has flared in Yemen between tribesmen loyal to President Ali Abdullah Saleh and soldiers backing anti-government protesters.

At least three people were killed and 15 others injured in Sanaa after pro-Saleh tribesmen arrived at a barracks occupied by mutinous troops. Continue reading “Yemen unrest: Three die in Sanaa clashes”

Thailand ‘admits cluster bombs used against Cambodia’

By Guy De LauneyBBC News, Phnom Penh

A Cambodian soldier walks past the Preah Vihear temple
The bombs were reportedly used during border clashes around Preah Vihear temple in February

Campaigners against cluster munitions say Thailand has admitted it used the weapons against Cambodia in February.The Cluster Munition Coalition called the decision “appalling” and “unconscionable”.The weapons were banned by an international convention three years ago, but neither Thailand nor Cambodia have signed the agreement. Continue reading “Thailand ‘admits cluster bombs used against Cambodia’”

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