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April 8, 2011

The Ethiopian Diaspora uprising

Tomorrow, Saturday, April 9, Woyanne heavy weights Berhane Gebrekristos and Arkebe Equbay, along with their puppets Redwan Hussien and Girma Birru, will launch a campaign of disinformation in North America. They have called public meetings in Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Ottawa, San Jose, Toronto, and Washington DC. Continue reading “The Ethiopian Diaspora uprising”


Nile River in Egypt

JERUSALEM – The new Egyptian government has instructed its military to prepare
for any eventuality regarding a crucial water dispute with neighboring
Ethiopia, according to Egyptian security sources speaking to WND.

The dispute centers around the Nile River, which is used by both Ethiopia and
Egypt for water resources. Continue reading “Nile River in Egypt”

Gaza violence: Hamas declares ceasefire with Israel

Israeli soldiers walk after investigating a bus that was damaged by an anti-tank missile fired from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel, April 7, 2011

A teenager was critically wounded in the attack on the bus.

Islamist group Hamas says it has brokered a deal for Gaza’s militant groups to stop firing on Israel, after another day of violent exchanges.Hamas, which governs Gaza, said the truce was designed to stop an escalation of Israeli “aggression”. Continue reading “Gaza violence: Hamas declares ceasefire with Israel”

Japan: Earthquake prompts regional alert


BBC:The BBC’s Roland Buerk described how the quake felt in Hanamaki in north-east JapanA powerful aftershock has struck north-east Japan, a month after a violent quake led to a devastating tsunami. Continue reading “Japan: Earthquake prompts regional alert”

Nato ‘apologises for hitting Libya rebels’

The BBC’s Wyre Davies reports on the rebel army retreat from Ajdabiya after the strike.The commander of Libya’s rebel forces has said Nato apologised for mistakenly hitting a column of rebel tanks near the eastern town of Ajdabiya. Continue reading “Nato ‘apologises for hitting Libya rebels’”

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