The Ethiopian Diaspora uprising

Tomorrow, Saturday, April 9, Woyanne heavy weights Berhane Gebrekristos and Arkebe Equbay, along with their puppets Redwan Hussien and Girma Birru, will launch a campaign of disinformation in North America. They have called public meetings in Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Ottawa, San Jose, Toronto, and Washington DC.


The Woyanne thugs have the audacity to call such public meetings in North America ignoring the fact that most of us Ethiopians came to North America because Woyanne made Ethiopia a hell on earth for most of us. Our preference is to live in our own beautiful country.

Using brute force, Meles, Berhane, and Arkebe, in collaboration with a gang of opportunists like Girma Birru and Tekeda Alemu, succeeded in silencing and humiliating 80 million Ethiopians for the time being. In North America, the free world, it is a different story. We are going to confront and chase away these murderous thugs this weekend, and give voice to the voiceless Ethiopians at home.

Stay tuned for updates here on Ethiopian Review. Also Addis Dimts Radio live broadcast starts today at 6 PM. Listen to Addis Dimts here:

Washington DC: April 9 at Howard University
New York: April 9
Columbus OH: April 9
Dallas: April 9
Ottawa: April 9 and 10
Minneapolis: April 10
Los Angeles: April 10
Atlanta: April 10
Seattle: April 10
Las Vegas: April 13

Also listen to this audio:



2 thoughts on “The Ethiopian Diaspora uprising

  1. This is really embarrassing moment for all Ethiopians . it’s shame, those guys r still not civilized they were trying to stop others from exercising their right. we all know this is not an issue of politics this is about development, this is about our precious resource the Nile…… i cant say more all i hear, all i feel is heater by losers. just wash ur damn white ass of ur boss, leave us alone. we will not live on history any more please let zis generation have our own history cause u got none! suckers

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