Sudan deports 70 Ethiopian illegal immigrants

By Tesfa-Alem Tekle \sudan tribune

April 26, 2011 (ADDIS ABABA) – Sudan has deported some 70 Ethiopian illegal immigrants to their home country, according to Ethiopian ministry of foreign affairs.

The illegal immigrants who have been in detention were returned home this week with the help of Ethiopian embassy in Khartoum. The Immigrants have arrived home in land transport via Metema town near the borders to Sudan.

The Ministry said among the returnees 30 of them were women.

During the past few years, thousands of Ethiopians mainly women have been flocking to Sudan seeking lucrative job. However many have returned home realizing it was a false information.

Hoping to find good jobs, others have headed their way to South Africa risking their life in a long route. In the middle of these attempts a lot of them get arrested, prosecuted, deported or become legion where they get stacked.

Ethiopia is a land locked country and illegal migrants use neighboring countries as a start to head their way for their destination.



2 thoughts on “Sudan deports 70 Ethiopian illegal immigrants

  1. After i read your post, i think it’s great. Most definitely high-quality info here. Articles like this make this website worth

  2. I do not appreciate this article .He discribe it as simple due to land lock ?
    millions of ethiopians continue flee but there is no active poltical reason to protecte this refugees.It is nothing but where to flee? every where wolfs in the grass.ethiopians spread all over the world due to the political condtions in home grows to strange no one is say to any one that ”I am poltical refugee ” the wolfe my cross

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