Ethiopian economy hurt by nearby political unrest

Political unrest in the Middle East and North Africa has resulted in a decline in livestock exports from Ethiopia, the United Nations said Thursday, causing the struggling country’s income to fall even more when its people are facing hunger.

“The Ethiopian Government has requested an additional $75 million for humanitarian assistance this month and in May,” the UN said in a statement emailed to journalists, “while UN agencies and their partners have called for more resources to meet increasing needs and expand operations in the coming months to avoid gaps in aid delivery.”

About two million Ethiopians are in danger of running out of food, the UN said, “where emergency conditions are projected to persist until the next rainy season arrives in October.”

In a separate report, the UN Office for the Coordination Humanitarian Affairs announced that water is being “transported by truck to drought-hit residents of the southern and south-eastern lowlands of the country.”

Drought and related conditions could also result in outbreaks of disease, the UN warned.

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