Azeb Mesfin’s flower farm accused of environmental pollution

 By Tamiru Geda

A flower farm believed   to be  associated with   Mrs  Azib Mesfin ,  wife of Prime minster   Melese Zenawi , is blamed for water pollution in the south  part of Ethiopia.

 According to  Hiber Radio,   Las Vegas(America ) based   Amharic community  radio, the  flower  farm  that is a  believed   owned  by   Mrs Azeb  in joint  venture  with   one  foreign   national    affects the live hood of  local people, located    on the road   to Aswassa (South Ethiopia ).  The radio  quoted  closed  sources in the area , who  accused  the  owners of the  flower farm    for  their  poor  management , by  letting the toxic  and polluted   water to   flow  to  the  near by  river , where  locals  use   the  water for  fishing  purpose .

 Recently ,   they  (Locals)   have raised    their  concern  to the   representatives of the  farm ;however   they have  been physically  beaten  and silenced  by   members  of security  forces   believed to be     assigned   by  the ruling party, EPRDF that   Mrs Azeb is associated   with ( not to make  the problem in the public interest ).It is  also reported that   the  farm is under  24 hrs heavy  security surveillance  by armed officers  . The same  sources   also  said that Photographing in side the  flower farm  is prohibited .

Even  those  employees  who  faced  skins  burn  and  respiratory  problems   because of  lack of  the necessary health and safety tools, gloves, masks  boots  are deprived  to report  about their problems   for fear to lose their job. It is reported that in Ethiopia, several   investors   who engaged in the flower  farming fail  to respect  the work and employment  opportunity law that enforces employers  to provide   the proper safety equipments to their respective employees ,


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