Feeding Suppression and Autocracy

By Antehunegn Yihenew  August 2011

Leave alone the long history of the globe; resent practices of a number of countries reviled that they were not free from international aids. If countries are exposed to drought, famine, earth quick, flood, fatal or chronic deceases etc… and such problems are unable to be resolved by the respective governments, then countries may ask for international support. And this support may be financial, in kind or technical based on the question, type and severity of the problem and the interest of donors.  Whatever it is, some of these aids are especially crucial and others are still important based on the need and the present condition of the recipient.

As we all think, such supports have or should have proper monitoring, controlling and reporting mechanisms in order to convince and assure both parties on the use of those aids. Because of this, it is expected from the responsible bodies of the recipient and donor countries to explicitly announce what was done or going on with the aid assets to the people of the recipient and donor countries respectively.  I believe these bodies (who represent respective parties) have ethical and mental obligations to do so. Plus to this, they have to understand that all such aids are received with the name of the entire peoples of the recipient and collected from the tax payers of donors. Whatsoever, what is going on in countries like Ethiopia is contrary to the reality that I traced above and the aid agreement with donors.

In Ethiopia, as I knew both parties knowingly or unknowingly by pass the importance of controlling and reassuring whether, all received aids are used for the proposed purposes. Because of this, without any convincing reasons, most of these aids (both kind and monetary aids) are diverted out of their intended programs by the government. Diverted aid is mostly used to increase ruling party members, to attack opposition party leaders, members and supporters and to harass some strong individuals and journalists that the government believed dangerous.

If we begin with the latest exposed fresh secret of blood sucker Meles Zenawi and Woyane in relation to aid money, that is aired through BBC 2 on 04 August, 2011, we can conclude that this raciest man couldn’t stop stealing from poor Ethiopians, fabricating false and fallacy logics, cheating donor governments and gambling on innocent foreign tax payer’s money. As we remember from previous documentaries from BBC, it was obvious that Woyane and narrow minded Meles Zenawi were well known in stealing even when they were rebels. What makes things paradox was west governments (donors) were aware of such evil acts of Meles Zenawi but they kept silent. And this is the point that forces me to ask:  Why they kept silent? Do west’s benefit from their silence?

I believe they kept silent, not to expose their anti-terror ally, Meles Zenawi and not to lose the support they are getting from him in fighting terrorism throughout East Africa especially in Somalia and in creating stabilized East Africa and peaceful Sudan. For the time being, west’s may think that they get relief from terrorist acts of al-Qaida East Africa wing by deploying troops from Ethiopia (Innocent Ethiopians) to Somalia and now to Sudan. But as they continue in doing this, they have to know that they are departing from the people of Ethiopia. In addition to this, they have to know also, long lasting relations could be established among peoples than governments because governments will go but peoples continue ever. 

The second fear that west’s sniffed generally from Africa and specifically from Ethiopia is their (African countries) strong bilateral relation with China. And, I believe, they (west’s) thought that the consequences of this relation may sacrifices Ethiopia as well as Africa which wests don’t want even to think, because they don’t want to leave Africa to China. I think, these were, of course there may be more others too, important points that kept them silent for all crimes of tyrant Meles zenawi. Meles also knew how to play such games, that is why; he is oscillating in between west and China.

To secure their interest, west’s (donors) are still continuing watering this suppressing government disregarding to the level of human right and rule of law in Ethiopia. Though Meles Zenawi enhances suppressions and right violations he is getting more and more aids from west donors who don’t feel much responsibility and accountability on who will be the last users, what are the criteria’s to distribute such aids, what will be the consequence of such aid misplacement and so on. Basing their silence, tyrant Meles Zenawi continuing stealing aids from the innocent, the poor, the weak and voiceless Ethiopians. Moreover, dispatching false propagandas, trying to reason out its evil acts with fallacy logics and many immoral works are ongoing. But questions for today must be, can we stop this? And are we ready for that?

Yes, why not, of course it may take time; it may need fast and strong communication with Ethiopians including the Diaspora.  I can mention the latest August 4th incidence at BBC2, I believe this alarms taxpayers and awaken elephant eared individuals. It is obvious that we will get listeners as we keep on exposing misuse of aids. And, we don’t stop doing this until the tax payers of donors ask where about of their money. As I said, this needs strong bond between us and we have to be serious to expose what we have. At this point I want to remind you that what the BBC did last year by referring two true Ethiopians. Therefore, since we are millions, we can do miracles to stop this feeding of suppression and autocracy in Ethiopia by west donors.       


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