Ethiopian troops clashes with Afar rebel

The canadian Minorities voice website Says:

 Ethiopian troops have clashed with a group of Afar rebel group close to the border with Eritrea, the latest in a series of recent clashes. Sources told Addis Journal that the clash erupted on Thursday, November 24, 2011, when a group calling itself the Ugugumo seized control of posts near the Ethio-Eritrean border town of Derrab. The sources said the rebels tore down the Ethiopian government flag from the post and hoisted their own banner.Within hours, government troops arrived and stormed the rebel positions.

It was not known how many people were wounded in the attack. Tour agencies based in Addis Ababa were affected by the event.Three land cruisers of Hadar Tours and five other land cruisers of Smiling Ethiopia Tours carrying tourists were stranded in Brahalie town for two nights, instead of heading to Hamed Ale, their planned destination. The Danakil Depression and the Erta Ale active volcanoes is one of Ethiopia’s most extraordinary tourist attractions. Governments of many western countries advice against all travel to Danakil Depression. The Afar rebel group has abducted five British and French citizens and their Ethiopian guides on march 2007. The Ethiopian authorities accuses the Eritrean government for backing the group that it blames for kidnappings tourists on Ethiopian soil, and frequent cross-border incursions. The Ugugomo started as local popular uprising in Brahalie area in 1970’s hence its name in Afar- the ugugumo or the uprising. Later after the independence of Eritrea its ranks were joined by some former members of Afar National Liberation Movement. […]

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