By Abby G. Minda

Dear all weyane Secret agents and the unfaithful Prime minister Zenawi

Today,I will write  for all self-centered brothers and sisters of ours who are in power together with you and your administration.

First of, personally I would like to remind Mr zenawi and the gang members of weyane, That the revolution is going to happen soon. I think you also know this in advance I do appreciate your preparations. As you know it Gaddafi becomes history with the money and  all the power he got. Because a rage of people is more than any thing else.  There is an old Jamaican proverb it reads:
’’The cow didn’t know the use of its tail until the butcher cut it off.”  I think you have got my point here. Meaning you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. So, we Ethiopians gave you a power, you never dreamed of, a wealth  that will never perish through generation. What is the limit of your greediness   Mr Zenawi? Unless you are a mad person it is enough. And we are saying it too /BEKAWOT/. If you didn’t give your ears to our request you will absolutely lose your tail like  the donkey.  that includes you and the people around you.

I grew up in the middle of the poorest people of the nation. I have had the experience of seeing half of the derg regime and now Weyane. Even though, it was like a fairy tale to hear about the good days of Ethiopia at times of Haile sillasie, and even before that. As a youngster who have a loyalty and devotion to his country I learn a lot about the long history of Ethiopia formally and informally. I do miss the best days and I also hate the days of barbarian like what we had currently.

According to the view I had from my studies, the ethnic based bandit group “Weyane” is the worst small group of bandits who had control over Ethiopia. In my age I have bad memories of starvation, / don’t try to give me a lecture about the difference between your current drought and famine creed. / I was just a kid but I saw a lot of people die, in Amhara region slaughtered and killed in the broad day light by Eritreans and woyane mercenaries, I have seen peoples die in Oromia . I also have a bad experience of ethnic and religious war which was almost rare before the weyane regime came to power.

I think all WEYANE cadres, solders and Government agents saw all what I saw Or you may participate in those killings. Now it’s time for you to say ENOUGH!

OH!  By the way I have to say something about AKELDAMA.

After I watch,  “THE BEST GRAMY AWARD KOMMEDY OF THE YEAR 2004/ 2011 AKELDAMA”  I just got deeply feel pity for  the unmoved weyane media.  As a matter of fact, ETV is a place congested by amateur, ignorant, non-professional and non-responsible journalists. I were expected the documentary to be more of informative than terror telling. For days I kept on laughing on what I saw. In one way it was like a one side begging for mercy drama. /In weyanes side/, they were shouting their wrathful thoughts into an empty valley, I hope they heard their own bitter echo in return.

I would like to say Thank you to Mr. Debebe  Eshetu for reminding us the Lovely day Ginbot 7 and for giving us a clue to examine who really ginbot 7 is. Unfortunately, we have long years of experience of interpretation for ETV, Ethiopian Radio including all FMs. We heard them the other way round. for example  if they told us  about Zenawi’s happy nights we know he has a rough one probably because Azzeb  has done some bad things on him. Or if they say Mr Aba dulla Gemeda pay a visit to a flower farm. We translate it immediately we will say, “Oh, Aba dulla has got a bit,may be thousands of bribery cash so and so.”

Each year when  you weyanes  try to celebrate the bogus nations and nationalities day,  The days of tug of war yekatit 11,and Ginbot 20. I feel to consider myself as an outsider. For those of you who support the toxic ideology of the harebrained Mr.Zenawi, may be those days are the best from most days.

Really, I wish we jump those days without counting, and substitute them by the days like ginbot 7 .  These days remind me of what has been taken from me by the weyane regime than the real meaning they had behind. As an individual citizen I lost my friends, a family and neighbors.

We gave you plenty of time, you show no change!

Probably, you underestimate the youths of Ethiopia. The youth always thinks two steps ahead of you.  Currently, every Ethiopian knows about every weakness you had. In the past 20 years we had collect wisdom. We are better than you. We are a generation who has lost many of our brothers just in front of us, and so because of that we are prepared to go to battle for them. And for the sake our freedom we will give our life’s as the saying goes you may take our lives but you will never take our freedom from us.

Thanks to all social Medias! We all know what has happened in the Middle East and North Africa. You may block Esat Tv, Aljazeera or BBC. However, now a day’s information disseminates like flu. Your secret agents or the modern chines technology cannot block the natural system.

It’s obvious that, weyanes have an understanding about how we behave towards your brutal measures  took against children’s, mothers  and young Ethiopians in the streets of Addis Dessie,bahirdar,Jimma,Harar Dire dawa ,Ambo…. and in the valley of our rural villages. Yes we were bare handed and you were fully equipped with modern machineguns. History teaches us a lesson but the scar is still fresh and we will never forget this and we will never forgive you.

As I mentioned it through history We Ethiopian youths face a lot of bloodshed. And we were a direct victim. You may still think that all this makes us weaker .Of course, it has direct or indirect repercussion to this generation youths. But one thing you should bear in mind is that in places where wars have been fought for over a great many years, and so we the children’s of the revolution will come back to win and do humiliate you. Because we were born of the struggle and so that is all we know.

Zenawi we will never forget it you close our gate/ASSAB / to the world. And we the next generation of Ethiopia will never forgive you.

A friendly advice. like the old times, the crushing  blow  may not going to start from the  center , from Amahara  or oromia region. the new struggle strategy is not going to happen as the drama people played it on the stages of Maekelawi and ETV.

It will be considered as a imprudent to expect an AKELDAMA in Addis Ababa or other big cities. Perhaps, some of you/supporters of weyane/only may expect a teacher or a free media journalist wearing a bomb jacket and went to explode him/ herself.  Rather, let me tell you this, like what we had seen in other countries the rage will never been expected like it was before. Overnight, a single master mind mans like Yenesew Gebre will sparkle everywhere here and there. And that time we all will go out in to the streets of Addis and in every major city like a swarm or flocks of bee.

My Beloved brothers and sisters who still are with the thug group:

Of course, if you continue to support the weyane gangs blindly and  follow  their group (like most people do these days for some economic benefits),  when the revolution begins you’ll be frantically looking for a lifeboat or simply finding yourself waving adieu for your unsatisfied ego and you will face trial alone if you are lucky. Or the wave of our the revolution will drag you in and you will stay out casted

If you are still thinking the majority of the rural people are supporting weyane? Don’t be thoughtless!  Remember 2005 election. Remember the hero Yenesew Gebre he is not from Addis abeba ,Awasa, Dire dawa,Jimma or Bahir Darhe is from Waka. Waka is not one of our major cities.

For some of you who wish to change, now is the time to think about what you have caused to this poor nation. After all it is never too late. Do the right thing, even though it’s difficult, it  will set you free. And you will win the society’s heart.

We will win.

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