Ethiopian maid jumps from 21st floor

 An Ethiopian housemaid fell to death from the balcony of the 21st floor apartment of an Arab family in Al Majaz area of Sharjah on Friday evening.

The police were informed that a 23-year-old housemaid working for an Arab family had fallen to death, said Major Mohammed Saeed Al Shehhi, Director of the Media and Moral Guidance Department at Sharjah Police.

“A team from the Criminal Investigation Department and police rescue arrived the scene and found the woman already died. The corpse was first taken to the Kuwait Hospital but later it was transferred to the police forensic laboratory to help the investigations,” he said.

There were several cases of falls from high-rise buildings in Sharjah recently, mainly of children. The police have found falls among adults are mostly suicides though there were instances where it was an accident or crime involving another person. “All cases have to be investigated first,” said Maj. Al Shehhi.

Source  SHARJAH 

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