A 10-year-old girl was raped and tortured

A 10-year-old girl was raped and tortured by her uncle who wanted to take revenge on his wife. The woman, who knew about the rape, lodged a complaint 15 days later on Thursday, only when her husband threatened to divorce her.According to the Virar police, Vinod Chouhan (38) went to meet his wife’s brother at his Virar (E) home. He took his wife’s niece out on the pretext of taking her for a stroll.Chouhan then took the child to her building’s terrace, gagged her and raped her. He also inflicted burn injuries on her private parts. After a few hours, he dropped her home after warning her not to speak about the incident.Chouhan told his wife he had raped her niece as he wanted to teach her (his wife) a lesson for her nagging. The couple fought over the issue, but patched up.On Thursday, Chouhan fought with his wife, threatened to divorce her and left for Gujarat. She then approached to police and lodged a case of rape.

It was then that the victim’s parents came to know about the rape. The child was sent for medical examination, which confirmed sexual intercourse. Chouhan was booked for rape and the police have launched a manhunt. The police are examining whether to book the aunt.

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