Ethiopia: Crisis Group denies ESAT reports on Meles Zenawi’s death


Yesterday, the death of Ethiopian notorious dictator was announced by the sole Ethiopian private Television broadcaster /ESAT TV/. Following this report, people from Ethiopian and abroad rejoiced by the death of Meles Zenawi. According to ESAT, the confirmation news about the death of Ethiopian prime minister was released  after the organization underway serious of investigation and follow up and also by quoting  diplomatic sources and the international crises  group.

Today, the ICG/ International crisis group/ has notify to the world through their web page that they don’t have any knowledge about the death of Meles zenawi. The short and precise press release denies the death of zenawi.

Bellow you can read ICG’s  press release 

International Crisis Group has no direct knowledge about the state of health of Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. Crisis Group has never commented on Mr Zenawi’s health or his fate, and is not in a position to speculate about it. Crisis Group categorically denies any media claims to the contrary.


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