Ethiopia: Oromo leader denies terrorism links, remanded till January 28

1024x576_353607Dr Merera Gudina, a leading opposition figure and Chairman of the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC), has denied charges of terrorist links the Ethiopian government accuses him of.

His lawyers said he (Gudina) vehemently denied any terrorism allegations whiles addressing the trial judge and said that he had spent his life teaching against the ideals of violence and terrorism.

An online media portal, the Addis Standard reports that the academician made his second court appearance on Thursday. Friends, family members, colleagues and diplomats who thronged the court for the hearing were kept out because the sitting was not open to the public.

The police were however granted a month to conclude their investigations of possible terrorism-related charges against him. The position of the police varies from that of the government which says he was arrested for flouting sections of the current state of emergency.

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