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Coca-Cola under fire for dropping Teddy Afro’s World Cup Anthem

 A large number of Diaspora community is urging East African nations to stop drinking Coca-Cola, in protest for Coca-Cola’s outrageous action to drop Teddy Afro’s World Cup Anthem.  Continue reading “Coca-Cola under fire for dropping Teddy Afro’s World Cup Anthem”


Yemeni People Traffickers Prey on Ethiopia Migrants Seeking Work

Photographer: Tony Karumba/AFP via Getty Images Ethiopian immigrants wait near Obok, north of Djibouti’s capital, for smugglers’ boats

By William Davison

Sintayehu Beyene left Ethiopia planning to earn money to begin a carpentry business — he ended up captive in Yemen where Kalashnikov-wielding traffickers stole what little he owned.

Grabbed from a boatload of migrant workers as it landed on a Yemeni shore, he says the armed gang whisked him inland to a desert camp. Beaten and detained for nine days with about 30 other people, he was forced to hand over the 1,400 Ethiopian birr ($72) he was carrying before being released. He crossed to neighboring Saudi Arabia, where wages are sometimes more than double the rates paid in Ethiopia, only to be deported a month later when authorities cracked down on illegal migrants.

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Continue reading “Yemeni People Traffickers Prey on Ethiopia Migrants Seeking Work”

South Sudan ceasefire talks begin

The warring parties of South Sudan have opened peace talks with negotiators in Ethiopia, but rival leaders have yet to meet face to face.

Almost three weeks of violence has forced about 200 000 South Sudanese people to flee their homes. (AFP)

South Sudan’s warring parties started negotiations in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on Friday to strike a ceasefire deal and end nearly three weeks of conflict, according to Ethiopia’s foreign ministry, although face-to-face talks are yet to begin. Continue reading “South Sudan ceasefire talks begin”



By  Alemtsehay Mekonnen

Perhaps the best ambassador a nation can offer to the people of other countries is that nation’s food. No protocol, no bowing, no high-sounding words are needed, just good and honest taste. To know what a nation savors on its tables is to gain great insight re-garding the heart and soul of that nation’s people.

So, imagine my surprise when some Australian and Sudanese col-leagues from the United Nations outpost joined me to a delightful little Ethiopian restaurant in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. I’m sure they were trying to be kind since I am of Ethiopian heritage. Well, they were far more than kind. I wound up eating some of the best Ethiopian cuisine I have experienced outside of the motherland itself.

Launch the attached for full story click here  AN ETHIOPIAN SURPRISE IN BANGKOK


Uganda: The Tyranny of Human Rights Organizations

English: Human Rights Watch logo Русский: Лого...
English: Human Rights Watch logo Русский: Логотип Хьюман Райтс Вотч (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




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